All of our rates are subject to change based on the show and our expenses. 

  • Competition Stage Color package ($175) :
    •  Touch ups, backstage glazing and glue if necessary
  • Tattoo/ Scar Makeup Cover ($ depends on tattoo size and color contact me first!)

Interested in group/team discounts? Please Call 503-267-8280 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Makeup and Hair ($250) lashes included With Contracted Professional Makeup and Hair Cosmetologists
  • Makeup ONLY Application ($150)  lashes included
  • Hair ONLY down style curls or straight  ($125 on up) 
  • Mens Face Color Blending ($50) Look Alive and Fresh with stage foundation perfectly matched to your competition body color.
  • EXTRAS Per Pro Cosmetologists:
  • Taped, glued, beaded or sewn extensions already installed  additional ($30 on up) Make a note in comments
  • Extensions application min. additional ($50) Make a note in the comments
  • Up do application min. additional  ($50) Make a note in the comments